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Bring your passion for fighting and interact with others. Want to train and meet other fighters but don’t know where to start? Fight Club is waiting for you. 

Time in ISO has been hard for the fighting community. Now with things opening up, our aim is to help fighters to build a profile for themselves. 

Become a member of Fight Club and you will be placing yourself and your skills in easy view of every member of the fighting community, and potentially changing the course of your career. . 

Best of all it is open to anyone, so if you’re an amateur fighter who has been training like the machine that you are, get out there and start connecting. Fight Club is the perfect platform to find your next fight. Your match is waiting for you! 


Fighting Gyms are where the magic happens. The vortex of connection and when dedicated training turns to skills. Many fighters have started from humble beginnings in their local fighting gym. 

What will Fight Clubs do for me?

  • Find new fighting talent to train at your gym.
  • Sponsor amateur fighters with skills and potential. 
  • Build a profile. 
  • Welcome new fighters, trainers and promoters to get more involved with your gym.

Sign up your gym to engage a nation or even a globe of fighters. 


The matchmaker of fighting events. The lynchpin in making it all happen. Want a way to source new talent and trainers beyond your well thumbed black book. Welcome to a Fight Club, where all the personas are on one platform. 


Fighting is your life. You have taken it to the next level and train with your soul and passion. Fight Club gives you access to a network of amateur fighters looking to up the ante and YOU are who they have been searching for. 

Sign up today and unlock the door to the world of fighters. Whether you are affiliated with a gym, or a lone ranger, or in search of a new training home. Fight Club will be the answer to your prayers all in the one platform. 


Love watching fights? Love the fighting scene? Drawn to the passion involved in fighting? Want to engage with fighters with an all access pass beyond the ropes?
Sign up for fan membership today to see what Fight Club is all about.

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