About Fight Club

Fight Club is more than just a group. It is a community of fighters, gyms, promoters, trainers and fans who want to bring social fighting to Australia. Fight Club is a platform which breaks down barriers of communication and makes it easier than ever for fighters to train, schedule a fight, find a gym or promoter.


My name is Glen and my experience with fighting is limited, except for the fact that I really love to watch a fight. I’m not a fighter or a promoter, just a big fight fan. The idea of fight clubs was put to me by Dave and Shayne.

They explained that the goal of Fight Club was to help young people who have skills, be seen by people in the fighting community who they might not otherwise have been able to be seen by. Our vision is that a kid from a small part of the globe, who doesn’t have access to these people by normal means, is recognised for their skills.. their career takes off.. and their life changes forever!


My name is Shayne and I am a boxing promoter in Sydney, Australia. I’ve always loved fighting. There’s something about two people going at it for the distance, and when it’s over, and someone has won, they shake hands like the warriors that they are and they congratulate each other with pure class.

My drive in starting Fight Club was that I saw an opportunity to grow something that could change the lives of young people anywhere around the globe, by providing them with a platform that puts their skills in front of the people in the fighting community, and potentially changes the course of their destiny.


My name is Dave and I am a registered fighter in Sydney, Australia. I grew up in Plumpton, near Mount Druitt so fighting was always around me. I’ve played rugby league all my life and these two sports have a close affiliation. It’s from footy training when we would box against other players that I realised that I had some ability.

After a while, I decided to become a registered fighter and give it a go. In becoming a fighter, I quickly recognised how the sport helps young people learn the ethics of hard work, discipline and courage, and these are all positive skills that will help in life.

My vision is the same as Glen and Shayne’s, and this is that we wanted to create a platform where young people, along with older people, amateur or professional can connect with people who can help them along. I am looking forward to hearing success stories like this from our members.

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